Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is now no longer monthly coaching program. It is now redesigned and improved to be 3 powerful longer sessions. They range from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours each. 

1. Limiting Beliefs 

2. Goals & Dreams

3. Plan & Execute 

Other Coaching Options


5 Day retreat where we transform your mind body and soul. We redirect your career and relationships to incorporate a whole new level not purposeconnection and passion. 

This is 5 days of intensive coaching ranging from 3-5 hours each day. 

D1 –  Evaluation/Assessment 

D2 – Goal Life & Vivid Vision

D3 – Relationships 

D4 – Financial/$/Career

D5 – Transformation

5 Day Retreat

1-3 Clients 

$10,000 + accommodations 

*Does not include flight and stay* 

Know that this will depend on availability. Booked for September and December 2021.  


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 1 – personal story motivates tonal 

limiting beliefs – 1 hour

goals and dreams – 2 hours

plan and execute – 2 hours

 – 3 hours 

$3,500 Per Month 


For relationships we keep it simple. We have a 3 hour “WTF Are We Doing” Session. If you make it through that session and want to work towards a growth oriented thriving relationship then we can can discuss monthly relationship coaching options for continuous growth. 


3 Hour session