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Relationship Session

WTF Are We Doing?
Figure out the exact problem of your romantic relationship, where it originates and why it keeps showing up. And most importantly how to stop it once and for all. Also figure out the most important question you may have... WTF are we doing? Figure out if this is going in the direction we want or no. You will leave with clarity, a decision, a plan and a new level of self awareness.


2 Hour Session

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  • 2 Hour Session

3 Sessions, 1-on-1.

Life & Career Coaching
If you're looking for a complete life-renovation you came to the right place. We do 3 transformative sessions to completely change your life in 3 weeks or less. The first session identifies and works through limiting beliefs. The second session cultivates your truest dreams and ambitions for you and your entire life. The third, and final session, creates a bulletproof blueprint to creating your desired life.


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  • 3 (2 Hour) Sessions

Lesson & Workbook

Patreon Self Development
This is reoccurring MONTHLY self guided lesson and workbook designed to bring out your very best self. It is the #1 thing missing in the personal development world and the tool you may need to take your life to the next level. It is packed with all of the resources you need to level up in your life, career and relationships. Each month has a specifically designed teaching that you will not only teach you new skillsets but also more about yourself and how you work, operate and flourish.


per month

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  • 30 Minute Workshops
Goals & Dreams Session
Week 1
Limiting Beliefs Session
Week 2
Plan & Execute Session
Week 3

Immersive 5 Day Retreat

5 Day retreat where we transform your mind, body and soul. We redirect your career and relationships to incorporate a whole new level of purpose, connection and passion. Daily one-on-one sessions designed to get the best out of you, to dig deep and have massive transformation. Day 1: Assessment. Day 2: Goal Life & Vivid Vision. Day 3: Relationships & Connections To Self. Day 4 - Financial & Career. Day 5: Transformation & Limiting Beliefs.

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