You Need To Remember This

I think it’s really important to realize that no one has it all together ⁣

Regardless of what people want to portray (in social media or in person) every single person is a HUMAN BEING at the end of the day.⁣

That means they…⁣
Get scared⁣
Get angry ⁣
Get happy/unhappy ⁣
Go through heartbreak ⁣
Deal with loss⁣
Deal with grief ⁣
Deal with jealousy and insecurities⁣
Have ups and have downs ⁣
Have self doubt⁣
Have negative self talk⁣

No matter what you see on the outside… the inside is always much different. There are truths that everyone hide. 👇🏽⁣

I’ve talked with people who have “picture perfect” families who are extremely suicidal and depressed. ⁣

I’ve talked with people who have “picture perfect” relationships and it’s constant fighting and completely toxic. ⁣

I’ve talked with people who have the “picture perfect” career and feel absolutley suffocated and ridden with anxiety. ⁣

I’ve talked with people who have “picture perfect” body but have horrible body dysmorphia and hate to look in the mirror. ⁣

The point is… at the end of the day we are all human beings. We’re navigating through the world trying to find and create happiness in the small little moments and also the big macro life events. ⁣

The point is… you have to make YOU happy. And true happiness comes from the alignment you have with the decisions and choices you make. ⁣

The point is… make an effort to build deeply connected relationships with others so you can support and love one another through the ups and downs of life. ⁣

The point is… it’s 100% your job to make you happy. It’s 100% your job to make sure that YOU like the life YOU live. ⁣

Don’t compare you’re self to others… ⁣

Don’t compare your life to others… ⁣

Live your own life and do everything in your power to make it the best one you possible can. Be vulnerable and real with the people you trust and love most. Here’s a reminder that life is ALWAYS worth living. Regardless of where you came from. Regardless of what you’ve been through. And regardless of what you’ve done. Life is pretty fucking awesome when you let it be awesome.

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