A quick dive into self talk!
A quick dive into self talk!

Today I met a very kind man named Larry. You’re probably wondering where the heck is this going Liv?? Today I want to talk a bit about my interaction with Larry and how that relays to the things you consistently tell yourself! It’s going to be a quick dive into the power of self talk.

What do you tell yourself about your strengths, weaknesses, looks, personality and ability? Is there something you always say you’re not good at? What are the common themes you see with the way you treat yourself and the way you talk to yourself (aka your self talk)?

This example is extremely simple but I’m sure you can all relate. Today I had a wonderful little conversation with a man named Larry who was parking near my building for the Red Sox game. He started asking if he was in anyone’s spot and if he would be ok and not getting towed where he was parking. After I assured him he would have no problems he started telling me about how he brings a handicapped man and his wife to the games a few times during the season. I thought to myself “wow that’s super sweet what a nice guy”. Anyways, when our quick convo ended he introduced himself and like every other introduction I shook his hand and immediately defaulted to telling him my name and that it was nice to meet him. BOOM. Just like that I totally forgot his name. I couldn’t remember it for the life of me. I grabbed my bag and got out of my car and began walking to my apartment thinking “wow Liv you’re so bad at remembering names”

Immediately I snapped out of it. This is the same old story I always tell myself. I always say that I’m bad at remembering names.This time I did something a little different. I confidently said (in my head of course) “Liv you’re so good at remembering people’s names”. And before I got to my apartment, clear as day I all of a sudden remembered this guys name! Larry!  

Thank you Larry for reminding me that whether I tell myself I can or can’t I am usually right! What are the stories you tell yourself every day? Is there something you constantly say you’re bad at? Try switching things up and stating it in a positive, more powerful manner. State it as the truth because it is.