Ups And Downs Of Personal Development: Why It’s Worth It

Self love, authentic relationships and personal growth⁣

These are all things that are extremely hard yet also incredibly worth it. These are the “tough times” we talk about in the personal development world⁣

Tomorrow I will be recording a solo podcast on the ups and downs of personal development! Here are the basics ⁣


♦️ Self love is challenging because it forces you to look at all of the places you’re withholding love from yourself. Where you’re being too critical and too harsh. Where you’re suppressing desire and expression. Where you’re lacking commitment and discipline. I always say that self love IS self discipline. The prices of learning to love yourself comes from the process of accepting yourself and also trusting yourself (through action and practice).⁣

✔️ Learning to love yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give you’re self. When you love yourself you stick to what you say you’re going to do. You’re kind to yourself through the process (wins and failures). You give yourself the time and patience to grow and evolve. Becoming someone who practices self love means you prioritize your needs and your desires in the world… and best of all, you take action to make them happen! ⁣


♦️ Creating authentic relationships is hard because it forces you to look at the darkest parts of yourself: greed, shame, regret, vengeance, anger, jealousy, insecurities etc. Authentic relationships challenges you to see and accept the darkest parts of you. It challenges you to apologize, communicate and make amends with the people who suffered from your personal struggles. Then, authentic relationships make you expose your fears and vulnerabilities. The true (healthy) way to bond with others comes from open and honest relationships. Aka the opposite of trauma bonding which a lot of us are accustomed to. Creating authentic relationships requires a level of transparency, honesty, and vulnerability that only comes from a challenging level of self awareness. ⁣

✔️ Authentic relationships are the most loving, supportive and heart centric relationships that exist! They make you feel heard and loved and supported in every way. It’s an absolutely beautiful relationship to cultivate! There’s truly nothing quite like it ⁣ ⁣


♦️ I’ll keep this short and sweet. Personal growth comes with growing pains. That includes sacrifices, changes in priorities, and also changes in your surrounding. Personal growth is challenging because it forces you out of your comfort zone and into a place known as fear and uncertainty.⁣

✔️ The benefits of personal growth are endless. At the end of the day I believe the most important part of personal growth is that you’ve created your blueprint. A map to happiness that is created by your own self awareness and self belief. When you do the work you’re able drown out the noise and truly figure out what it is you want out of this life!⁣

The work is hard but beyond fucking work it 💯👏🏽 Tag someone you have seen grow in the last year 🔥🔥🔥