The Younger You Had It RIGHT

Your biggest problem is you don’t know what the fuck you actually want!!!

Everyone thinks they have this descriptive picture of where they want to be in 10 years… good relationship, successful career etc etc.

The truth is we fall short in the dreaming category. 😴💭 We don’t dream like we used to as kids….The younger you had it right…

Kids dream in detail and with infinite hope and belief! We also don’t articulate what it is we truly want in almost all categories. .


Until you really sit down and map it all out you have no clue what you want!

For example.. people want to be rich? Well how rich? “I want to be a millionaire” .

Ok great… how much do you want to make each month❓
How much do you want to make each day❓
How about how much money do you want to make per hour and per minute❓
What do you want to be rich for❓
Do you want to spend that money on vacation❓
Or cars❓
Or charity❓
Or clothes❓
How do you want to make the money❓
Why do you want the money❓
How will this money positively impact your life❓
And your loved one’s lives❓

When you can get to this point in goal setting it’s called a 👀VIVID VISION👀! Too often we don’t do the deeper work towards our goals and we wonder why we fall short! 🚨This is why 🚨

It’s incredibly crucial to be absolutely specific and certain on what you are setting our to achieve.

If not you’re like a boat in the ocean looking for land. You’re bound to find something (eventually) but it could take double, triple or 10Xs the time!

✅✅✅Articulate what you want.

✅✅✅Discover why you want it.

Then move towards that goal with certainty, regardless of the obstacles and challenges because let’s be real there will be plenty!!! Today I was writing out some prompts for my clients and this vivid vision and deep goal setting work came up!

Just a friendly reminder:

✳️Your dreams aren’t just miraculously going to happen.

✳️Hard work is absolutely necessary but without direction it’s considered useless.

✳️Knowing what you want is more important than figuring out how you are going to get there (think “the what” over “the how”).

What is ONE very SPECIFIC goal you have for 2019?

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