The Ultimate Life Strategy

Life is about getting better and better by the day⁣

⚖️Some days are better than others⁣

⚖️Some days are more challenging than others⁣

Remember: ⁣

📈Progress isn’t linear⁣

📈Healing isn’t linear ⁣

📈Success isn’t linear ⁣

Also Remember:⁣

✅It’s you vs you⁣

✳️Other people’s success is irrelevant to you and yours ⁣

❇️Focus on what you want life to be⁣

❇️Focus on what you are trying to create for yourself ⁣

@philmccarthyfit reminded me in his last video that god or the universe or whatever you believe in, DIDNT make you who you are⁣

…they/it/he/she gave you the ability to BUILD what you are able to BECOME ⁣

So go build it 🔥🙏🏼🙌🏽🛠📈

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