The Truth About Confidence

My coach recently told me that I WASNT confident LOL if you know me you’re probably thinking hmmm Liv idk about that 🧐😅⁣

But the truth is, he was 100% right ⁣

I wasn’t confident…⁣

At least with the topic we were talking about ⁣

I am overall pretty confident and comfortable in my skin but I, just like everyone else, have areas where I’m not as confident 😌⁣

Instead of going into the details of the session and how it applies to me and my life I’ll save you some time and discuss the takeaways instead (In hopes that you’ll benefit from them too)⁣


1. Confidence is cultivated: you work at it and it gets better over time (think of it like a muscle, you gotta get your reps in 💪🏽) A big factor here is ACTION . You have to experiment and practice and take action in order to see these changes.⁣

2. Everyone has the same potential to be confident regardless of your starting point. It’s all about mastering your state, your emotions and your mindset.⁣

3. Confidence comes from knowing yourself and accepting yourself on the deepest level 🙌🏽🔥⁣

If you’re confident in all areas and just kicking ass and taking names ignore this and keep being awesome 🤘🏽⁣

But if you struggle with confidence or find yourself wanting to master your state, your emotions and your overall confidence, head to my Coaching Page, Apply and we’ll chat 📩

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