Liv Teixeira: Self Love Sunday

Self Love Sundays: Why You NEED To Do This

Liv Teixeira: Self Love Sunday

It is so incredibly important to do things that fuel your soul.

Things that energize you and recharge you.

Things that push you to grow and develop.

Things that make you think and reflect.

Things that push you to be more present in the current moment.

Things that make you feel more alive.

Today was all of that combined. I listened to a bunch of podcasts, did a mindfulness meditation, ran, stretched, journaled and spent some time in nature (the beach). It forces me to reflect and plan but also to just “be”. It made me be more present and in tune with my body and mind.

My self love sunday may look completely different than your self love sunday. We are all different and because of that different things will bring us happiness and energize us.

Find your “things” and actively practice them. Show yourself the love you deserve by fueling your soul with these things. Make it an effort to care for yourself the way you care for others.

♦ What centers you?

♦ What calms you?

♦ What excites you?

♦ What makes you feel ‘at home’?

♦ What challenges you?

♦ What energizes you?

♦ What expands your mind?

♦ What do you love doing?

How often do you do these things? What is one simple little thing that you can do today to show yourself a random act of kindness?

I have this idea that life is pretty simple. What do you want more of? And what do you want less of? Experiences. Feelings. Etc Work more towards the things you want out of life and start to cut out the people, situations and tasks that bring you further away from your true happiness.

Life is all about continuously growing. If you’re not growing you’re dead. All of those questions prompts some sense of growth and expansion. If you find yourself stuck refer back to these questions. Do something today that the future

you will thank you for. Life is so very short. We only have one life tolive so live it to the absolute fullest.Liv Teixeira: Self Love Sunday

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