Why I go..


The gym is something I’ve always enjoyed doing but never quite stuck to it long enough to see results. In the last 6 months I’ve seen a whole new level discipline from myself that I never in a million years would have imagined. Although you may think it was a new found dedication, motivation or determination, fortunately, it had nothing to do with any of those 3 things. It had to do with self love which I equate with self discipline.


Within the last half of a year I’ve really became committed to self love in all forms. I will discuss this further in future blog posts. For me in my life, self love looks like doing extra work and sacrificing fun on the weekends to play a much longer game. Its self discipline for a desirable and fulfilling future. Its purpose is to achieve an end goal. To achieve certain goals you need to make sacrifices somewhere. Until recently I didn’t quite understand the extremely powerful connection between self love and self discipline.


The single Youtube video that made this drastic and life shattering connection was actually by the actor Will Smith. He talked about how self discipline is truly self love and when you really love yourself and want the best for you and your future you behave differently. You act in a manner that supports and encourages the future you. If you’re even remotely lost, confused, or unconnected to self love, I highly recommend this short clip! Watch Here 


Something I discussed with my good friend Morgan, a trainer over at the Equinox in Chestnut Hill is standards. It is very easy to tell a person’s diet and exercise standards because it is apparent in their physique. We discussed the power someone possesses when they take complete control over just one singular aspect of their lives. The example we discussed was clearly fitness. When you consistently wake up early, go a little bit harder during your workouts and always show up you create a certain level of drive within yourself. You become a more disciplined person. You conquer your morning and feel more powerful and equipt to conquer your day. Doing something every single day that is tough, challenging and sometimes the last thing you want to do will undeniably build your willpower just like the muscles you’re building in the gym.


Giving your all to something makes you feel genuinely powerful and like you are in complete control. You also build trust and believability within yourself because you are finally doing something you always said you would!


Self Love = Self Discipline

That is why I go to the gym every day. Well… at least most days!