Reasons To Be MORE Selfish

Being selfish is absolutely necessary…⁣

➡️For business success ⁣

➡️For relationship success ⁣

➡️For financial success ⁣

➡️For happiness & fulfillment ⁣

Being selfish isn’t a bad thing… I actually encourage it 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔⁣

Im sure you were told growing up that being selfish is a bad thing⁣

🗣And that being SELFLESS was a good thing (maybe even something to admire about a person) ⁣

You were taught all the wrong things ⁣

You should be selfish ⁣
✅selfish with your time ⁣
✅selfish with your energy⁣
✅selfish with your decisions ⁣

❓WHY should you be selfish? ⬇️⁣

Because you need to make yourself a priority in your own life! You tell yours subconscious mind, through consistent action, that you give yourself the same love and respect you so easily give to others ⁣

You show up for yourself ⁣
You show yourself that you ARE worth it ⁣

❓How does it benefit you AND the people around you?⬇️⁣

When you’re selfish you’re able to give from the overflow of your cup, not from an empty cup ❤️⁣

Fill yourself up with all the experiences, conversations and people that you desire most…it will light you up 🔥⁣

Be selfish!!!⁣

There is no one on this planet who is going to put YOU first… other than YOU! ⁣


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