PSA For Fake Social Media B.S.

We live in a world where being fake gets rewarded. It’s sad to watch and even worse to see people actually believing it. I’m here to tell you the brutal and honest truth.

Driving fast expensive cars, hooking up with hot chicks or successful dudes, photoshopping yourself into an unrecognizable version of you (come on we see the mismatching backgrounds and photoshop errors) and of course, making a bunch of money, seems to be some (of the many) themes I’ve seen since I’ve moved to LA.

I fucking love LA. There is so much opportunity here it’s insane! And to be honest I really love the people. Most of the people I meet have pretty good intentions, goals and overall good heads on their shoulders. However, I also realize that there is a lot of insecurity and not specifically in LA but more so in the social media world. A lot of fronting and acting like you have something that you don’t. ⁣

I’m not knocking it! A personal brand that hits all the weak spots, insecurities and wildest dreams of the consumer… is great marketing. Actually, it’s excellent! And if it’s solely for marketing purposes, I support it. ⁣We’re all running a business at the end of the day.

However, most of the time it’s not for marketing or strategy. It’s for personal validation. The cars and the money and the girls and photoshopped/FaceTuned bodies are often NOT for the marketing. And THAT is the problem. It’s a way to manage insecurities and to portray an untrue image on social media in order to get that said validation. ⁣If you are doing this… please stop. And if you are seeing it, consuming it and even worse, believing it…realize that it’s not actually real. Stop comparing yourself to this unrealistic way of life.

This is a public service announcement to…⁣

1. Tell you that everything is not what it seems. These material things don’t make anyone any happier than you. Don’t buy into it.⁣
2. If you do have a brand really think about the purpose and intention behind posting these types of pictures. Are you doing it for your audience or are you doing it for YOU?

In the latest episode on my podcast I said that if you can’t jam out to a rap song in your grandparents mini van you damn well aren’t going to do it a Lambo…⁣

Who you are now is who you will be when you reach all of the accolades and achieve all the success – aka nothing will change. ⁣⁣Energy doesn’t lie. Who you are now is the same person you will be when you get the “thing” or finally accomplish the “goal”. ⁣With that being said…

…Your happiness won’t change⁣
…Your self worth won’t change ⁣

Once again, I’m not knocking these things. Buy them. Enjoy them. Have them as goals and show others that they can do the same! But please recognize that these things won’t change much else… ⁣The only thing that changes anything is actually making a change.

Here are some things to focus on instead. Some things that will GENUINELY make you happy:⁣

1️⃣Building up authentic and humble confidence ⁣

2️⃣Progress: working day in and day out to improve your skill set, mindset and what you do for a living ⁣

3️⃣Genuinely caring about others and making efforts to help others grow and thrive. Becoming a part of the solution. ⁣

4️⃣ Accepting and embracing the truest and most authentic version of yourself . Eliminate any comparison.

I promise to be real. I truly hate seeing all of the fake shit. It’s so easy to identify and see right through it. Even with all of that being said, it’s still enticing. And in our weakest moments we think that they know something we don’t. Or that they are experiencing a better version of life than we are. They don’t and they aren’t.

Life is about driving your own car, in your own lane, down your own path to experience your own uniquely beautiful and personally designed journey.

We all struggle, we are human! Even Beyoncé has down days. I mean drake made a whole career about being in his feelings. The point is we all have ups and we all have downs and life isn’t about comparing your timeline to others but more so about maximizing your experience for your own happiness.

Please realize that you are no different. Work on yourself and mastering YOU. The happiness and success will come…

You VS you

With all of that being said, I promise to show the most human sides of myself 🙏🏽 I hope you can commit to doing the same!!

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