The 3 Things That Actually Matter

At the end of your life 3 things matter⁣

1. Who you were at your core⁣

Did you stay true to who you are at your core? What matters to you? What do you care about? We’re so influenced and persuaded by media and social norms to want “certain” things. What do you thoroughly enjoy? What makes you smile cheek to cheek? We’re pressured by our parents, our friends and social norms to want and desire certain things… a certain lifestyle… a certain car or family…but does that make you genuinely happy? Is that you living your most authentic life? who are you at your core and what is it that you truly desire? the second photo is something I wrote in 2017 and let’s be real… this shit hasn’t changed. I will always be that person because it’s who I am at my core. ⁣

2. Who you were when no one noticed ⁣

Did you make the world a better place? Did you contribute to the world? Did you raise beautiful, honest and good children? Did you give time to charities or making the world a better place? Did you have some sort of purpose or mission you worked towards? Did you leave the world a better place than you found it? ⁣

3. How happy & fulfilled you truly were⁣

Happiness is enjoying the current moment. The people, places and things in your life will bring your happiness – make sure you choose them wisely. Happiness is a decision. ⁣

Your fulfillment will come from doing something or contributing to something that’s bigger than you! It comes from living a life that is truly fueled by your passion and purpose. Make sure you give yourself the time to pursue something that you’re passionate about.⁣

Everyone talks about authenticity. But authenticity goes deeper than just expressing your opinions and feelings. True authenticity comes from making unconventional and untraditional and unpopular decisions that make you the happiest version of you that you could possibly be. Authenticity and staying true to you is the key to a happy and fulfilling life 🙌🏽❤️ ⁣

I wish you all the courage and strength to create a life that you are absolutley obsessed with… because one day you’re either going to look back and realize you checked all the boxes or that you never even

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