Mom ❤️

Days become weeks and the weeks become months and the months quickly turn into years ⁣

4 years ago I lost a very special person ❤️ Someone who truly loved unconditionally and gave everything she had to being a mom. I appreciate her sacrifice and dedication to her kids. The mission and plan never wavered regardless of the challenges we/she faced. ⁣

She didn’t get to see me graduate and she will never get to see me getting married or having kids. On the flip side I’ll never be able to fund her retirement or buy her a home or any of the other things I hoped and dreamed to do 💔 And that’s that! That’s the painful but honest truth. Sometimes it’s tough to find the silver lining (just being real) but in this case I truly believe that there was a reason. There was a reason she endured years of pain. I choose to believe that her sacrifices and her absence has made me the person I am today… a better person and a person that is going to change so many lives ❤️ I learned so countless lessons in such a short time of having my mom and I am eternally grateful for those. ⁣

I have my mom to thank for a lot of things and I won’t list them here but regardless I’m grateful for them 🙏🏽 I don’t believe I had a conventional upbringing but then again who the fuck has?! I just want to shine light on these not so light topics to show people that ⬇️⁣

✨🔥It’s not about where you come from it’s about where you’re going and what you make of yourself 🙌🏽⁣

Life isn’t always easy and life is definitely not fair. We all get dealt a hand of cards and it’s our job to play that hand to the best of our ability 🃏 I hope you can find lessons in the pain and happiness in the little moments ⁣

Because that’s all we really get in life, the little moments that mean the most ❤️⁣

I hope you’re resting in the sweetest peace mom, you truly deserve it⁣

I love you the bluest, retrouvailles 💙✨

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