The funniest thing about my life is that people think it was easy. HA I like to think I got really good because I had a lot of practice 🙌🏽 Who can relate? ⁣

People always comment on my energy and positivity and optimism and say: “I wish I could be like that”. I find it so comical because YOU CAN… Anyone can? and you can do it in challenging situations.⁣

You have the power to control and influence and change your state, your thoughts and your attitude at any point. You can change your life by changing just these 3 things.⁣

At a young age I realized this and when tough times came, I reminded myself of it. Each and every one of us has the power to do this. We have the control. If you want to be happier and more carefree and truly enjoying life on the highest level YOU CAN!! Be aware of the language you use. And the questions you ask yourself. And the meaning you give different situations 🔐 Become aware of your programming so you can change it! ⁣

YOU are the only thing that holds you back from incredible relationships, inspiring work and a life created by your own individual design! I want everyone to win. But I really want everyone to win at their own game: that takes self awareness, reflection and really figuring out what truly makes YOU happy. I hope you all make the choice and put in the effort because it’s worth it ❤️

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