Listening To Your Gut…

Listening to your gut…⁣

It’s important yet we don’t always do it⁣

Actually…We often ignore it⁣

We ignore that little voice in our head that says:⁣

“Do it”⁣
“Speak up” ⁣
“That’s what you really want”⁣

There’s a million reasons why we don’t listen to our instincts 🤦🏼‍♀️⁣

Usually, it’s because we value someone else’s opinion or idea more than we value our own ❌⁣

The most recent episode of A LIV TEIXEIRA PRODUCTION dives into not only the importance of listening to your intuition but also how crucial it is to embrace that little voice in your head in you want lifelong happiness & fulfillment ⁣✅ CHECK IT OUT ON ITUNES & SPOTIFY

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