Limiting Beliefs Can Hide Anywhere


I have done a lot of self love work in the last 365 days. But I didn’t expect to uncover a new area where I lacked self love and THIS IS WHERE ASHLEY STAHL FUCKED ME UP!!! I thought I had uncovered all of the areas of myself that lacked self love. Boy was I wrong! Ashley Stahl helped me uncover the 3rd place (after relationships & friendships) in my life in which I have NOT put myself first and that is my business…

MY BUSINESS… I know liv WTF?! HOW??? You literally work for yourself…how did you not put yourself first?

Well let me tell you… The self-sacrificial love I learned in my upbringing and my deep desire to help and support others has even interfered with me growing my business and scaling it to the level I know I can take it to!! How did this happen? Well like I said earlier I have always prided myself on my ability to be there for others… even at the detriment of myself. (not healthy, I know I know) Anyways, I did this in my business too. I didn’t go balls to the walls in my business and my pursuit of public speaking because I was worried that that, level of dedication to myself would take away from the love and support I would be able to give to my friends and family…

It’s pretty irrational but it’s my truth. For a while I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was holding me back. But I finally found it! Limiting beliefs are a tricky thing. They hold you back and make you believe in this false reality where you make up stupid excuses for not doing the things you know you’re supposed to! These types of break through are why I love working with my clients. Helping assist people through identifying and destroying reasons of self doubt and limiting beliefs is some of the most satisfying and fulfilling work I’ve ever done!! I’m grateful for it every single day.

I FORGIVE MYSELF for buying into the belief that my worth and value is tied to how much love & support I can give to others at the detriment of my own happiness and health. 
Love does not need to be self sacrificing.

THE TRUTH IS I am a loving, generous and supportive person who worries about me first so I can create and foster healthy, balanced relationships.

What is one limiting belief you squashed in the last 90 days and what’s your new and improved truth???

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