Importance Of Alone Time

Sometimes you just have to get away to figure out what you truly want⁣

This past weekend I spent all day everyday at the beach, soul searching 🌊✨⁣

Perfect way to start Q3 and the second half of the year the right way💥🥊⁣

I had lots of realizations and break throughs and I came up with a plan of attack for the next 6 months but I’m going to save you the long sappy post and I’ll simplify the tangible things you can focus on to create the life you desire⁣

1. What do YOU want⁣
– not what your parents want⁣
– not what your friends want for you⁣
– not what society pressures you to want⁣
– what YOU want – deeply, passionately and unconditionally⁣
– hint: this typically takes some alone time, journaling and meditation – gift yourself the gift of solitude 🙌🏽⁣

2. What is your life vision⁣
***get rid of any expectation or boundaries, go for it all! Ignore what people have said “is possible”… what’s possible is whatever you choose to create ⁣
– think BIG, write down what you want for your health, wealth, career, love and relationships⁣
– be specific, this should bring up emotions (if not, you’re doing it wrong – dig deeper) ⁣

3. What is the 3 step process to get there??⁣
– yes I understand it’s multifaceted and complicated and quite frankly not that simple⁣
– but what if it is that simple?⁣
– play with me here and make it as simple as you possibly can. For each area of your life (health, wealth, career, love and relationships) figure out your life vision (Step 2) and come up with 3 steps needed in order to achieve that vision ⁣


4. Map your actions⁣
– create a daily action step that moves the needle in these areas of your life that you are dedicated to working on⁣
– complete an action step ⁣
Every. ⁣
Single. ⁣
Day. ⁣
No matter what⁣
No if and’s or but’s ⁣
Make it happen⁣
You deserve it

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