If You’re Waiting For “The Right Time” Read This

If you’re waiting for the “right time” to do that thing you really want to do. It’s now.

Stop waiting for things to align or for the time to be right. The truth is most of us will go through life WANTING to travel or start a business or have an amazing passion-filled relationship but we’re too scared (fear of the unknown) to make the leap. I’m here to tell you that if you choose to live in fear and hesitation your whole life you’re not going to get what you truly want in life.

Listen to your instincts, we all have them. Instead of going and back and forth with the possibilities and the pros and cons. Just make a decision. And stick to it! You want to backpack Europe? DO IT! You want to start a side hustle? DO IT! You want to leave the relationship that’s not supportive and doesn’t set your soul on fire… please DO IT! Life’s too short to not live a life you’re absolutely obsessed with 💛

It’s a lot easier to regret the things you did instead of regretting the things you didn’t do. Life is short and sometimes opportunities only come once in a lifetime. Take them! And take full advantage of them!! ✨ Life is meant to be lived ✨

QUIT PLAYING SMALL. DREAM BIG & LIVE ALL OUT!! What’s one thing you’re committing to do in 2019 that scares you?

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