How To Interview Highly Successful People

I recently did a podcast where I discussed how I got Grant Cardone on my podcast. He is a Real Estate, Sales and Finance mogul. He is also a busy, very busy, man. Therefore, getting this interview was a catch! Which is exactly why I am going to break down how I got him to come on my podcast A Liv Teixeira Production.

1. To Be Honest It Was LUCK

If luck were when…

Preparation meets opportunity. People are so quick to make excuses as to why they can’t accomplish the same feats that others accomplish when in reality everyone has the same ability to succeed. There was no difference between me and anyone else who had a podcast in LA since he openly advertised on his social media that he was looking to collaborate with other popular podcasts.


I had the courage and the belief in myself to ask for the interview. There are a million reasons why I could have shied away from asking wether they be self doubt, negative self talk or just lack of confidence in my ability and show. ALL OF THOSE WERE AN OPTION. It would have been easy for me to make that excuse and say that I wasn’t qualified for it. But this is what separates the successful from the not-so-successful ➝ are you willing to bet on yourself?

I was willing to bet on myself. A friend sent me his request and I immediately emailed his people to schedule the interview. I was persistent and I followed up and a week later there I was interviewing Grant Cardone on finance, goals and thinking big (in his world 10X).

In life you have to be willing to ask for the things you want; even if it’s scary. What is one thing you want to ask for but haven’t yet?

3. I Got My Reps In

I have been doing a podcast a day and speaking consistently for months before I had the opportunity to interview Grant. I had been getting in my reps and practicing any chance I could. This is the important piece that most people miss – the work.

The quiet, silent work. What you do when no one is looking. The hustle. The grind. The dedication. The commitment to excellence when you’re the only one keeping track. The game of life that you play every day: You Vs You

If you aren’t doing the work every day then do you really deserve the opportunity? If you aren’t doing the work every day then how can you say you are prepared for the opportunity? If you aren’t ready and practiced and committed then when the opportunity does come up, you will not be ready for it. Luck has more to do with you than it does anything else. Read that again.

You create your luck and your success by practicing and working towards the things you desire most. Don’t forget the ASK. Remember you’re worth and your mission. As for today…get those reps in

Watch The Interview:

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