How To Find Your Beauty

I was out to lunch with my good friend Jess and we were talking about the importance of self love & confidence. Here’s some conclusions 👇🏽⁣

Beauty comes from the inside.⁣

There’s no amount of filters, fillers (I live in LA lol) or photoshop that can change how you actually FEEL about yourself. ⁣

Confidence comes from within…⁣

Happiness comes from within…⁣

Acceptance comes from within…⁣

Beauty comes from inside. ⁣

An ugly personality won’t be masked by a beautiful face. They will always be ugly because what’s on the inside is what actually matters in the long run. ⁣

At some point you realize that nothing needs to change on the outside. The only thing that truly needs to change is your mindset & the amount of love you show yourself. That’s how you finally feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in your own skin. It will never come from someone else. Repeat it with me… IT WILL NEVER COME FROM SOMEONE ELSE. It HAS to come from within!⁣

We also discussed “beautiful features” and how⁣
To celebrate them instead of envy them. In LA there’s a lot of plastic surgery and photoshop that helps people achieve a desired look. This sparked an incredible discussion between Jess and I about “beautiful features”. Instead of seeing someone’s lips, body or eyebrows and thinking “that’s beautiful I wish I had that” why can’t we just celebrate THEM for THEIR beautiful and unique qualities.⁣

Over this past year I’ve learned so much about self love and one of the biggest lessons was to celebrate others! I realized that I can’t be all the things I wish I could be and I can’t have all of the beautiful features I wish I could have BUT I can be me and I can celebrate what I bring to the table. I can make a decision to celebrate my unique and beautiful qualities.⁣

Just like in life, if you see something that someone else has and you compare and come from a place of jealousy… you will never be happy. ⁣

Don’t want someone else’s body. ⁣

Don’t want someone else’s features. ⁣

Fall in love with your own! ⁣

And allow yourself to appreciate everyone else for their individual beauty just like you can appreciate you for yours ❤️⁣