Happy Mother's Day: A post from Instagram

An important message and caption from my Mother’s Day post on Instagram:

My friends & family are always so confused with my ability to go through holidays, birthdays and life evens with such ease after losing someone so influential and important in my life!! There’s so many big life moments that my moms already missed and although I wish she was here to share the experience I’m genuinely not sad about it and I guess that’s kind of opposite of what most people would expect. Birthdays and holidays don’t really get me worked up or upset because I have absolutely zero regret when it comes to my mom. I like to think that I “left it all out on the field”

My brother and I were there for years and years helping and supporting a single mom who struggled with more diseases and health issues than you could count! She constantly worried if she was going to get sick and leave her two kids without any parents. She always wondered if we were going to be ok without her so growing up we had a lot of meaningful life conversations. We talked about the important shit – which included how grateful, lucky and appreciative we were to have each other and to be raised by such an amazing woman ❤ We were there through the good times but most importantly through the bad times!

Often times we forget that the people we surround ourselves with and the relationships we create are the MOST important thing about this beautiful life we live! There’s not a single thing I wish I said or something more I wish I had done. I truly left it all out on the field. I was there for the 11pm panic attacks and the 6am doctor appointments the next day! I’ve learned that sometimes just being there for someone is the greatest gift you can give them ❤

I don’t know if this will actually help anyone with their loss but I hope it’s a friendly reminder to appreciate the people you have in your life and to make sure they know just how much they truly mean to you ❤ Happy Mothers Day to all of the amazing mothers out there!! 😊 Flowers and gifts are great but this is the shit that really matters! Life’s too short to live with regrets! Go tell some people you love them!!