The Importance Of Growth And Contribution

Fulfillment, Without It You’re Empty

What Is Fulfillment

When you’re consistently making progress and moving forward in your career, relationships, mission and own personal development you are on the path of fulfillment. Fulfillment is that feeling of achieving true happiness in all areas of your life.


Why This Matters  

Tony Robbins teaches about the 6 core needs that every human being shares. They are broken up into personality needs and spirit needs. The 2 spiritual needs are made up of growth and contribution both of which play a fundamental role in an individual’s sense of fulfillment. We must feel as though we are consistently growing and also giving back to other to feel a sense of fulfillment within ourselves.


Our Instinctual Need To Grow And Give

For centuries we have grown and improved and passed on the torch to show other the ropes. It’s an instinctual nature for us to guide and help others who are not yet where we are. It’s also crucial for us to continuously get better and improve. These two spiritual needs are what fuels happy and successful relationships. The more experiences we share with others the more fulfilled we become.


What Happens When You Are Not Fulfilled  

Not being fulfilled leaves a feeling of emptiness and incompleteness. This can occur in any sector of your life and it can drastically affect all of the other areas. It’s similar to a domino effect when one goes down so do all the rest.


Worst Case Scenario

Think about the recent awful events involving Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Both of them recently took their lives at the young ages of 51 and 61. It is awful and heartbreaking to see but it shows that things can be so externally perfect yet internally it can be chaos, sadness and turmoil. Having all of the success and riches in the world can not make up for the internal struggles we all face. We need balance in all areas of life.


If we are unhappy with ourselves or our relationships that will show up somewhere else. If we are unhappy with our careers or our finances that will also show up other places. For true genuine happiness and fulfillment we must find a healthy balance of all sectors of our lives and we must continuously grow and give back when we can.


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