Don’t Make This Mistake In 2020

2020 will go by just as fast as 2019 did and if you didn’t make progress this past year… you probably won’t make significant progress this year either.


I’d you don’t commit to your (1) growth and (2) choosing the uncomfortable in the short term then you will be very unhappy in the long term! In order to produce results you have to take CONSISTENT action.⁣

It’s not always the massive action that stops us. Most of the time it’s not. In reality it’s the small steps daily that we avoid or procrastinate… and that’s what kills us in the end. Your limiting beliefs and fearS are the things that are holding you back from making those small daily decisions. If you need help with that, slide into my dms. I just released a podcast on this exact topic using myself and the podcast as the example!!⁣

A Liv Teixeira Production is the result of small steps in the right direction. Learn more from tuning into that episode!⁣

The podcast also includes a big thank you to all of the people that came up to me at LLC over the thanksgiving break ❤️ I appreciate each and every one of you!! There’s a special thank you on this episode😌🥰

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