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Being Kind To Self

Until I finally worked with a coach I didn’t realize that I wasn’t being kind to myself. Always being busy and grinding is great and it definitely has a time and place (I mean that’s really the only way you make money and progress in life) but I didn’t realize that I was neglecting down time and things that bring me blissful enjoyment!

Like most people I’ve been through some tough and challenging situations! Wether they are family problems, relationship problems or personal problems we’ve all experienced them. For me I’ve always just put on a smile and covered things up with my positive attitude. I’ve always been the “strong” one and tbh Ive loved it for a really long time. I love that people can count on me through thick and thin and I’m always here for people regardless of what’s going on in my own life. While this is good and one of my favorite traits I’ve also realized that true strength comes from letting people in and ALLOWING PEOPLE TO HELP YOU! I’ve realized that I CAN do it all by myself but it’s much more fun to do it with friends 😊

Today was a day to reflect and feel and take off from work and responsibilities. Sometimes we need a reset, this is what mine looks like. ✨

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