A Lesson On Happiness (from Bryan Callen)

”You find those allies, the people that know you the best in life, the ones who crack you up through the ups and downs. My guess is that’s the first and last thing we remember when we die.” ⁣

That was a piece of @bryancallen last IG post and it inspired this blog post


Let get real. What actually matters in life? I see all of these people promoting and grinding for success and success ONLY. What are you trying so hard to achieve that’s “going to change everything”?? If you make it to the very top and you make all of the money and receive all of the recognition, then what? Who are you doing to celebrate with? ⁣

If a tree falls down in the middle of a forest, would you hear it?
If you succeed and no one is there to watch, did you truly succeed?
If you succeed and you had NO fun throughout the entire process, was it worth it? ⁣

At the end of the day the things that matter cannot be bought. Its laughing with your buddies, driving with the windows down singing along to your favorite song, and making fun of each other while going through life. Like I said on my last podcast episode…if you cant have fun jamming out to rap music in your GRANDPARENTS MINIVAN, you’re not going to do it when you’re cruising in a Lambo…. Essentially, if this is you, you’re fucked.

How happy you are now IS how happy you will be when you achieve all that you are longing to achieve. ⁣Read that again.⁣ Don’t waste today’s happiness in pursuits that tomorrows will be more rewarding. ⁣Make you’re energy and your happiness a priority right now 🙏🏽🔑

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