Cauliflower Pizza Recipe, Liv Teixeira

Cauliflower Pizza – Still Cauliflower, But A Good Substitute

Cauliflower Pizza Recipe, Liv Teixeira

80/20 Rule

I’m a big advocate for the 80/20 rule and living a healthy lifestyle that allows for some sweet and savory treats. My personal favorite cheat meal/snack is a chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter blizzard from Dairy Queen. That is completely irrelevant but I know some people will relate on that one lol Anyways, things like pizza and pasta are things I don’t typically eat on a regular or even weekly basis. When I do eat them I like to create paleo based alternatives. For example: cauliflower pizza.


LET’S BE REAL cauliflower is NO substitute for the real thing. If you’re craving pizza EAT SOME DAMN PIZZA! BUT if you’re looking for a healthy and creative alternative try a cauliflower based pizza.

The Recipe Is Found Below:

Cauliflower Pizza Recipe, Liv Teixeira

Make Healthy Living EASY

As you probably know I don’t eat much grains at all. My body runs way smoother energetically and efficiently on healthy fats and clean sources of protein & of course TONS of veggies! This is another example of how I hack healthy living with fun and good-for-you foods!

More Recipes…

I’m thinking of creating a cauliflower/almond flour pizza alternative to see if that comes out even BETTER! → I’m thinking, less crumbly and more crispy → Who would be interested in something like that?? Let me know in the comments!


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