4 Steps To Stop Caring What Other People Think: Attacking Insecurities And Self Beliefs

Caring what others think is exhausting yet we all do it in a variety of ways. In the most recent daily episode I break down the 4 steps to eradicate this habit for good!!⁣

4 ways to stop caring what people think about you: ⁣

1. Identify which areas matter to you. What area is a place where you care what others think? Your looks, your ability, your work, you intelligence, your sense of humor? What area are you hypersensitive about? We all have one just be honest with yourself.⁣

2. Identify who’s opinion you value most. Is it a parent or another family member? Is it a friend or someone you admire? Who’s approval matters most to you? Who’s disapproval or disappointment would hurt the most? When you’re looking for validation or recognition, who do you go to?⁣

3. What type of person do you care about most? This is more so in the general public and when you’re meeting people for the first time. Who’s first impression matters the most? Guys? Girls? Good looking people? Cool people? Smart people? Authoritative people? Confident or dominant people? Giving or generous people? Who’s opinion do you value MOST?⁣

4. Identify what the route cause of this insecurity is and where it comes from. Who was the first person you experienced this vulnerability, insecurity or pressure (to be something) with? What was this fear protecting you from in the future?⁣

Identify what the problem is and where it comes from. Recognize and accept that a younger (maybe less educated/aware) version of you created this story. Recognize its impact over the years. Allow yourself to validate this insecurity, comparison or negative self belief. It is real. And it probably affected you deeply at one point. But that time is over and you’re ready to release it and move on for good. Recognize that all of our fears and insecurities have a purpose – they are there to protect us from perceived pain. When we uncover the reason we give ourselves the power to say…⁣

“Thank you (fear) for serving me when I needed it. Luckily I no longer need this and I can let it go. I can embody myself and who I am 100%”

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