4 Lessons From 2019

My 2019 has been full of wins and losses, just like yours has.

For me, the biggest win this year in my personal life has easily been my friendships. The continuous effort and support I’ve received from my friends this year has surpassed anything else I’ve ever experienced. The newfound success with building conscious, healthy and loving relationships with others has been some of my fondest memories of all of 2019. This year my friends and the people I surround myself with have really pushed me to level up in a number of ways.⁣

1. Being honest.⁣

My friends have really taught me how to be more honest with myself and how I’m ACTUALLY feeling. Contrary to popular belief I’m not THAT open when it comes to my feelings (feeling scared or insecure or sad). My friends have really created a safe space that encourages me to be real with who I am and what I’m currently working through. Also, it’s encouraged me to be real with them and what’s going good/bad with our relationships.⁣

2. Trust myself.⁣

They’ve pressured and encouraged me to dig deeper when I’m questioning things. To trust myself and my judgement in any and all situations. We know what to do. We know how we feel. Its more about trusting ourselves than it is looking outward for more guidance and information. ⁣

3. Ultimate authenticity ⁣

My friends have really inspired me to be more me. To celebrate and encourage all sides of me and all seasons of my growth. The more you’re able to love others authentically for who they are, the more you can do it for yourself. It’s about celebrating all stages of your process.⁣

4. Loving unconditionally. ⁣

This one is simple. Love yourself without judgement. Love yourself without expectation. Love yourself without thinking you should be somewhere you’re not (if you struggle with this – check out a recent podcast I did on this exact topic) ⁣

If you’re looking to dive deeper into conscious relationships check out the conversation me and @iamkelseyannehad on the last episode of A Liv Teixeira Production!! 📸 : @alexacurrier

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