• Healthy Coffee Shake Recipe
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    YOURE WELCOME, Healthy Coffee Shake Recipe

    Super-Bulletproof Coffee Protein Shake This coffee shake is actually the greatest thing I’ve ever created! I hate to be so dramatic but it is seriously delicious and it’s packed with a ton of nutrient rich foods! Im sure youve heard of Bulletproof Coffee.. This recipe is kind of a fun twist off of that same concept. If you have not heard bulletproof coffee (it is an actual brand as well) but it’s also a coffee recipe where you blend together the following: 1. Organic Coffee 2. 1 TBS Grass Fed Butter 3. 1 TBS MCT Oil or you can use Bulletproof’s brand, Brain Octane Oil This is seriously a great…

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    Protein-Packed HEALTHY Raspberry Cookies

    Happy Monday!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Today I wanted to share the perfect protein-packed healthy COOKIE. Yes there are healthy cookies out there. Not only are they delicious but they are also EXTREMELY good for you…like I mean jam-packed with healthy, yummy goodness! These are perfect for on the go when your needing a quick dose of protein. I either have one for a sweet treat at night or I have a few to serve as a meal replacement if i’m running low on time (or if i’m straight up just being lazy). Feel free to add anything extra to these cookies. When I cook I…