Fuck Your Excuses, It’s no harder for you

Everything is happening FOR you, not TO you. Inevitably we all have trauma. We have all experienced pain. We have all been screwed over by people in our lives that we cared about deeply. We are human and all of this is part of the human experience. However we are not helpless. We do not need saving or codling. We have the power to heal from past trauma. We have the ability to grow from trials and tribulations. And if we CHOOSE, we can turn our PAIN into POWER. ⁣

Nobody got great by accident or by chance. No one created their dream life with ease and effortless grace. It takes work. It takes a constant dedication and commitment to mastering the mind. Your mindset is what determines your future: the happiness in your relationships & the fulfillment in your work⁣ ⁣

As the great philosopher @champagnepapi said ⁣

“This some shit I wrote about when I was broke!⁣

……. See, the power of the mind is not a joke”⁣

Here’s some scenarios for ya where healing can change the meaning of tough times ⬇️⁣

Fucked up parenting ⁣
– pushes you to learn how to reparent yourself ⁣
– teaches you how to love yourself regardless of the love given or received from others⁣
– teaches you how to create healthy boundaries because they’ve been walked over in the past ⁣

A toxic or abusive romantic relationship ⁣
– teaches you what you do and don’t want⁣
– teaches you how you want to be treated ⁣
– teaches you how to identify warning signs ⁣
– teaches you your non negotiable moving forward ⁣
– teaches you how to create healthy boundaries that make you comfortable and happy ⁣

Poverty ⁣
– teaches you resourcefulness ⁣
– teaches you drive and desire for better ⁣
– teaches you humility ⁣

The world will harden you if you let it… accept and embrace the lessons. Turn the lessons into blessings. Just because you’ve been through hell and back doesn’t mean you need to stay there. Things can get better. They can get great! They can get great if you make a conscious decision to master yourself daily. Know that happiness and abundance are achievable for each and every person reading this right now. ⁣

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You can also allow all of these things to completely ruin you and be the excuse as to why you become a shitty human being to everyone you interact with. It is an OPTION. But realize I say option because you have choices. This stuff really can mess you up… if you let it. BUT you have the control. You can use all of these trials and tribulations as LESSONS. You can use these lessons to become a better, more well rounded and loving person. And when you learn from the past it creates BLESSINGS in the future 🙌🏽❤️⁣



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